Revolutionizing the dosing of protein therapeutics

BiOraliX’ proprietary formulation technology provides a new way to orally

deliver biopharmaceutical therapies patient friendly and with superior

bioavailability. For patients, self-medication is now within reach

for the most complex biologics treatments, especially for chronic

diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, allergy and asthma.

BiOraliX’ technology enables protein to be captured into nanoparticles

to provide a stable environment. Nanoparticle composition, shape and

dimensions can be optimized specific for the protein towards optimal

release and absorption.

The benefits of an oral delivery versus subcutaneous
or intravenous are vast:

  • Patient benefit
    Oral biologics administration is very convenient for the patient
    (more personal freedom, less side effects, higher efficacy) and
    when changing from a weekly/biweekly invasive
    high-dose administration (SC, IV, IM) to a daily PO dosing of smaller doses
  • Dosing regimens
    The oral delivery option provides more flexibility with the establsihment of dosing regimen, e.g. switching from a 2-weekly high SC dose in the
    hospital to a daily self-adminstered low PO dose.
  • Immunogenicity
    Enable more patients to be treated for those biologics with relatively high immunogenicity incidence rates (e.g. infliximab, adalimumab) (expected tolerization effect from oral lower doses)
  • Cost benefit
    Offers pharmaco-economic advantages, generating less overall cost in connection with higher safety and efficacy profiles due to
    • increased therapy loyalty
    • less patients need to be treated in a clinical setting
  • Logistics
    Other advantages are
    • expected better stability profile vs PFS or LPF (cold-chain shipment, storage)
    • improved stability promotes use in more regions of the globe, also for vaccines.

All these benefits open up many new opportunities to biopharmaceutical companies:

  • New applications within reach; additional tool in delivery development
  • Life cycle management of existing portfolios
  • Revitalization of hi-potential shelved products with delivery, availability or immunogenicity issues

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